Using Portion Control Plates for Weight Loss

“I could see that my ideas and advice were working for my clients but needed to find a way to get this valuable yet simple message to all Australians. I did it in pictures and ensured that the reader had the actual plate and bowl used in the pictures so they couldn’t go wrong.” - Amanda Clark, Advanced APD.

Portion Perfection Plate

The Australian Portion Perfection Plate

When you’re looking to lose weight, your food intake is crucial to the success of your weight loss program. But it’s not just what you put in your mouth. It’s how much you eat; the portion sizes. Maintaining effective portion control – recognising the recommended serving size of food or maximum kilojoule intake for effective weight loss is easy when using a healthy eating portiondiet plate.

Portion control plates allow you to better regulate your food intake, providing you with easy to understand visual cues that highlight the recommended portion sizes for men and women. Our portiondiet plate and bowl make maintaining a healthy diet easy and manageable; the calorie controlled portion sizes for effective weight management are clearly indicated for your convenience.

Portion Perfection features

Complete Portion Perfection Tool Kit 

The portion control plate is a part of the Portion Perfection tool kit which includes Amanda Clark's book 'Portion Perfection', 1 plate & 1 bowl (available in both Melamine and Porcelain), 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan (stand-up book) and the current Australian Healthy Snack Bible. Amanda Clark has written Portion Perfection to help us regain portion control by being aware of quantity and being selective in the products we buy. With over 20 years of experience, Amanda has determined our most commonly prepared and bought meals and foods, and through careful analysis, determined exactly what is the right amount for us to maintain a healthy weight.

Complete Portion Perfection Tool Kit

The Portion Perfection Book is a pictorial guide showing you how much food is right to eat for any meal or snack. The book contains guides for men, women and children.

The Portion Control Plate is designed to guide you towards a main meal which is balanced in nutrients and controlled in calories (comes with a how-to-use booklet).

✓ The Portion Control Bowl has been created to provide portion guidance for cereals, soups, stews and desserts.

 The Healthy Snack Bible is a handy, pocket sized, quick reference to those 'everyday' and 'occasional' snack foods in 100 calorie (420kj) and 200 calorie (840kj) portions.

✓ The 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan is a brand new edition that helps take the guesswork out of managing weight including 3 flexible menu plans for the whole family, easy to follow recipes with visual guides, everyday ingredients found in your local supermarket and a comprehensive shopping list. 

Make Healthy Eating Less Of A Chore

Join over 100,000 others using Portion Perfection Products, which are used and recommended by Dietitians around the nation. 

Contact us today at Great Ideas in Nutrition for more information or get your very own Portion Perfection Products and feel confident to eat everything on your plate today!

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