About Portion Perfection

Amanda Clark is the author of Portion Perfection and designer of the Portion Perfection plate and product range, which is devised for portion diets and portion control. Amanda is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (Adv APD), and a leader within her field.

Portion Perfection is a balanced, low GI, portion controlled eating plan. Based on sound portion control research, over 20 years clinical experience and presented in a simple pictorial format, Portion Perfection is perfect for all comprehension levels and easy to remember.

Portion Perfection is suitable for men, women and school aged children. There are calorie guides for 1300 Calorie (5460kJ), 1600 Calorie (6720kJ), 1800 Calorie (7560kJ) and 2200 Calorie (9240kJ) intakes or the plan can be customised by a professional.

Wholesale Price Lists

- Portion Perfection for Professionals or those wishing to buy in bulk (see specials): Price List 

- Portion Perfection Bariatric Products: Bariatric Price List

- Free handout for practitioners: Portion Perfection Educational Handout for men, women & children and Bariatrics

Portion Perfection Tool Kit

Portion Perfection is updated regularly and contains Australian brand named products so consumers can see the foods that appear in their pantry and their local supermarket. To update just purchase the Australian Healthy Snack Bible annually.

Portion Perfection sets include the pictorial book, a portion control plate and bowl, along with the purse sized Healthy Snack Bible. Available in both porcelain and melamine.

The pocket sized Australian Healthy Snack Bible is the perfect update for those with earlier editions of Portion Perfection. The Healthy Snack Bible shows photographs of natural and packaged snack foods, suitable for everyday or occasional intake in either 100 Calorie (420kJ) or 200 Calorie (840kJ) serve sizes for weight loss or weight maintenance respectively. The Australian Healthy Snack Bible also serves as the perfect update for those with the first edition of Portion Perfection.

Kits are also available internationally through Portion Perfection USA. The orange kit is for those who have had weight loss surgery.

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