Here’s a portion control system that helps you eat the right amount after bariatric surgery for weight loss and is super easy to use.

Our Portion Perfection System includes a carefully calibrated and uniquely designed bariatric portion control plate and bowl, our comprehensive guide which is divided into the different meals and shows you how much of each component of your meal to serve. A guide to current breakfast cereals and snack foods that are suitable for the system and access to two essential masterclasses to make it EASY and SIMPLE to lose the weight you need. 

Clear the confusion about what and how much to eat – forget the fads and include the foods that work for you. Learn from dietitian, Amanda Clark’s 30 years of experience in weight management, bariatric surgery and weight loss medications. 

Meet our Weight Management Expert, Amanda Clark

Amanda has been a dietitian for over 30 years and an Advanced Practitioner focused on weight management issues for most of that time. She is the winner of two national awards for her work.

Her post graduate nutrition degree plus her years of experience and her practical approach to food led her to create Portion Perfection.  

Amanda learnt early on that for any intervention to work it needed to be simple, practical and memorable. This led her to use the innovative visual approach in creating a book that helps you make the same decisions she would about how much to eat.

She has empowered many thousands of people to choose the food they want to eat, without guilt or shame, and guide them on the right portion size for their needs, during weight loss and into weight maintenance.   

What would it mean to confidently choose the right amount of food, without uncertainty or shame? The secret is in the STRATEGY.

If you could eat regular meals of foods that suit you and your family, and could shun the overwhelming number of guilt inducing food messages because you know you are on the right path, how would you feel?

WHEN you arm yourself with the RIGHT tools while eating home made foods, and the RIGHT strategies when eating out, you CAN feel this way.

It’s all about the STRATEGY

Yes! You can eat bread if you want… or not… it’s up to you. Choose whether to be vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, whatever you need, not what social media pushes.

You CAN cook normal meals with your family and easily judge the right portion to fit your weight loss goals.

You CAN eat out whilst losing weight 

You CAN maintain all your interests without having to be diet obsessed 

You CAN get it right when you’re out and about and still eat what you enjoy.

You CAN shop in normal food stores and you don’t have to eat special meals or shakes

If this is what you need right now, it’s time to pick up our Portion Perfection System and start experiencing freedom and confidence around weight management.

Portion Perfection has helped over 50,000 people gain clarity on what and how much to eat AND lose weight... and now you can too.

Introducing the Portion Perfection Kit

  • Learn how to identify your energy needs
  • Stop following fad diets that make you feel like a failure
  • Decide what and how much to eat like a dietitian
  • See what to do and know you have the tools to do the same.

Here’s what’s included in our Portion Perfection System - Starter Pack

The Portion Perfection for Bariatrics,  Seeing is understanding Book

  • Create a flexible eating plan with healthy foods in the right portion size to maintain that ideal stomach pouch volume after bariatric surgery.
  • See how much protein is in each ingredient and add variety to your intake with ideas you hadn’t thought of.
  • This innovative book is largely pictorial, making it memorable and showing you exactly how to use the tools.
  • Available as an eBook or printed copy.
  • Note: This is your eating plan and does not contain recipes (meal plans and recipes available separately).

The specifically calibrated and strategically designed Portion Perfection Bariatric Plate

  • This plate has been specifically designed to hold 1 cup of food so that you will maintain your new stomach size post-surgery.
  • It comes with clear guidance of what foods belong in each section and it makes it so EASY when you have the actual plate shown with the pictures.
  • It also reminds you of the eating techniques that will help you to comfortably enjoy your meal.
  • Available in melamine or porcelain.
  • Note: Melamine is dishwasher safe. Porcelain is dishwasher/oven/microwave safe. 

The uniquely designed Portion Perfection Bowl 

  • This handy bowl shows cup measures on the inside so there’s no weighing and measuring.
  • Simply pour to the desired level in the bowl to get the EXACT portion size you need.
  • There’s no guessing! Our Portion Perfection book will guide you to the right size portion specifically for you.
  • Available in melamine or porcelain.
  • Note: Melamine is dishwasher safe. Porcelain is dishwasher/oven/microwave safe.

The Australian Healthy Snack Bible 

  • This is our carefully researched handy pocket guide which includes pictures of Australian supermarket foods that fit the portion guide and nutritional criteria.
  • It’s so much easier to remember products you see rather than just a list of foods.
  • This also serves as an update in years to come, so you don’t need to repurchase the main book.
  • Find the products in your own pantry that will help you manage your weight.
  • Available as an eBook or printed copy.

What to Eat and How Much online Masterclass 

You’ll learn:

  • How much food you need
  • The formula for losing weight
  • Why systems make it easy to decide how much to eat
  • How Portion Perfection makes it easier to eat better and control your weight

Getting the most from Portion Perfection Masterclass

You’ll learn:

  • How your environment impacts your weight
  • How your dishes can support or sabotage your eating
  • How buying the right foods in the right sized packages impacts your desire
  • A system that can stay with you forever

That’s over 30% off the retail price!

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Portion Perfection for Bariatrics Starter Pack with Masterclasses
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