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Portion Perfection


The Gold Coast Dietitian Providing Great Ideas in Nutrition

Qualified nutritionist advice on portion control, weight management and more

Great Ideas in Nutrition can help with diet and exercise prescriptions for all conditions. Our dietitians on the Queensland Gold Coast specialise in weight management and irritable bowel syndrome and are skilled in all dietetic areas. Gold Coast nutritionist and practice owner Amanda Clark is the author and creator of Portion Perfection, the simple Australian solution for eating what you like and getting the portion size right.

Learn more about nutrition with Amanda Clark

In my 25 years of experience as a nutritionist on the Gold Coast, my priority has been to make dietary concepts simple and understandable. At Great Ideas in Nutrition, we manage this in all areas of diet and exercise prescription, and have taken this one step further for weight management. The Portion Perfection Pack is a kit of tools for eating the right amount for your needs.

Our consultant dietitians have gone to great lengths to show you how much is right to eat and supplied the plates and bowls so you know you’re getting it right. There are plans for men, women and school aged children for weight “loss” or maintenance. (For children the usual aim is to maintain weight while they grow taller).

Portion size has increased significantly over the past 25 years and as a result so have we. Find out how to outwit the portion pushers through using the right sized plates and bowls and buying the right sized packages.

There’s also the orange version of the Pack for those with a gastric band, gastric sleeve or bypass.

For further information about nutrition, portion control and other weight management issues related to food, do not hesitate to contact the Gold Coast dietitians and nutritionists at Great Ideas in Nutrition today.

- Amanda Clark Adv APD – Gold Coast Dietitian