Bariatric Portion Control and More - Pre Surgery Mini Course

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As a dietitian of over 30 years, with over 20 in bariatric surgery, I have gathered, created and developed the tools most helpful to your needs. Allow me to guide you through the path to your final settling point with some clear, concise and very realistic advice.

Are you at a crossroads, contemplating or having already undergone life-changing bariatric surgery?

The journey can be overwhelming, weight regain, lifestyle adjustments, and post-surgery uncertainties may appear daunting.

As an Advanced Accredited Dietitian and weight management expert, dedicated to guiding individuals like you through the intricate path of bariatric surgery. 

About the Pre Bariatric Surgery Mini Course


Embark on our Pre-Bariatric Surgery Mini Course, specifically tailored for the critical two weeks prior to surgery and the subsequent four or more weeks post-surgery. We guide you through the journey, addressing crucial areas such as pre-surgery VLCD weight loss, goal setting, post-surgery expectations, and the transition from fluids to solid foods. This is perfect if you don’t have access to a dietitian with as much experience. 


This course will help you with:

  • Pre surgery VLCD diet – what to eat and drink
  • Setting goals before your surgery – what to expect
  • The immediate post surgery period – what is normal
  • Transitioning from fluids to puree – when and what
  • Moving onto solid food – and the rest of your life


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Let's navigate this transformative journey together. Beyond Bariatric Surgery is your comprehensive support system, empowering you not only to lose weight but to enhance your overall health and well-being, ensuring a successful, fulfilling outcome so you can “move on” and enjoy life without focussing on your weight.