Symply Too Good To Be True Book 3

Annette Sym
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Breakfast Recipes and Low Fat Cooking

Symply Too Good To Be True Book 3 contains 88 pages and over 150 deliciously healthy easy-to-make family-friendly recipes.

There’s some exciting extra features inside this cookbook:

  • •Delicious breakfast recipes
  • •Tasty pasta sauces
  • •Annette’s tips for low fat cooking

“When I wrote this book, I’d been maintaining my healthy weight for eight years and knew that one of the keys was having breakfast every single day. The old Annette never ate breakfast, I thought by skipping breakfast I was saving the calories, how wrong I was. So, this book includes a selection of healthy breakfast options for every day of the week.

Another of my weaknesses was a delicious pasta dish. I’ve taken your favourite pasta sauces and given them a deliciously healthy low fat twist.”

Happy cooking