Follow on Consultations

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Package Includes

6 consultations for the price of 5 with any of our Accredited Practising Dietitians via skype, telephone or in person.

Perfect for those who have used either of the accountability packages in the past.

Consultations must be completed within 12 months from purchase. Health fund rebates may apply.

Arrange Your Appointment

By choosing the pre-paid option on our 'Appointments' tab or phone 07 5536 6400.

Cancellation policy requires 24 hours advance notice for appointment cancellation.

Our Philosophy

Behaviour change is difficult. Some people find the task of improving health insurmountable. We divide the task into manageable steps, addressing one issue at a time. You will leave with a renewed sense of power to change and a clear and achievable goal.

In the longer term you may find at times that you feel guilty or uncomfortable about attending follow up due to feelings of failure or having ‘fallen off the wagon’. As lovely as it is to see you when you’re doing well, the fact is the best time to see us is when things aren’t going so great. The most effective way to get back on track is to discuss the lapse and identify ways to deal with these situations differently in the future.

There is NEVER a need to feel uncomfortable to return! No problem is unsolvable and our role is to help turn the situation around and avoid future pitfalls. Be assured that others before you have encountered most problems, and there are strategies to choose from for help.