Portion Perfection Wine Glass Set of 2

Amanda Clark
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Easily Measure a 100 Calorie Serving of Wine

Easily measure a 100 calorie serving of red, white, rose or sparkling wine guided by the permanently etched 150 ml measuring line.

These elegant Italian style wine glasses are created using traditional hand-blown methods by skilled craftsmen with more than 25 years’ experience. The glass has been shaped so that it allows the wine to breathe enhancing the taste of the beverage, and the long stem enables the glass to be held without your hand warming the wine.

Set contains 2 glasses. Note due to the hand blown nature of these glasses, some small variability in product weight and thickness of stem may occur.

Product Features

•Complete with 100 Calorie = 150ml Plimsoll line applicable for red or white wine. This guide is not intended to measure a standard drink as wines come in varying alcohol concentration.

•Lead Free Premium Crystal Glass, designed to be stronger and more lighweight than regular Crystal Glass while still providing sparkling brilliance.

•Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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