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Kicstart Vanilla Bean Meal Replacement Shake

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Kicstart Vanilla Bean flavoured shake is a delicious meal replacement perfect on its own or use it as the ideal base for experimenting with exotic taste sensations such as blitzing with a blast of frozen berries into a delicious low calorie fruit smoothie!

It is is rich and filling and will replace one meal.

By substituting a KicStart shake for a normal meal, your hunger is satisfied and your nutritional requirements are met whilst you achieve a significant reduction in the total kilojoules (or calories) eaten.

Your body starts to use its stored fat for energy and you start to lose weight.

KicStart VLCD has been specifically formulated so that it is appropriate for use in a medically supervised Very Low Calorie Diet program replacing all meals each day for the dietary management of obesity and is ideal for the bariatric presurgery regime along with the post surgery fluid regime.

We recommend Kicstart where possible as it contains approximately 20g of protein per serve.