BN Calcium (90 Chewable Tablets)

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BN Calcium Chewable Tablets

After your surgery, absorption of calcium is affected and supplementation is necessary to keep your bones and nervous system healthy.

BN Cal it tastes like light chocolate and has the essential mineral used for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, it also helps your muscles and heart to operate efficiently.

After menopause is also a crucial time for calcium needs to be met every day as bone loss is a high risk for post-menopausal women.

At all times, everyone needs calcium for muscle contraction (that includes keeping your heart beating) and a healthy nervous system.

Calcium and Vitamin D are complimentary, so they’ve included enough in the most absorbable Calcium Citrate and Colecalciferol form to meet your needs in BN Cal - especially important as age increases.

BN Cal comes in versatile smaller does, so you can take regular doses to keep up your Calcium intake.

The creamy chocolate taste makes it an enjoyable way to meet your Calcium and Vitamin D needs every day.


• Calcium citrate tetrahydrate (948mg)  Equiv. calcium (200mg)
• Cholecalciferol (4.1 micrograms)(Vitamin D3 166.67 IU)

•Products containing mannitol and xylitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhea.

•Contains no food colouring or artificial sweeteners.

Directions For Use

Chew 2-5 tablets daily. Follow directions on nutritional label or as advised by dietitians and other health professionals for best results.

CONTAINS: lactose, milk products, gluten, sugar alcohols, sugars, sucralose and sulfites