Portion Perfection Snacker, Purple

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Portion Control Snacker with 100 calorie guide printed directly onto each container: These stackable interlocking containers come with our handy guide to Healthy 100 Calorie Snacks that fit perfectly into each sized jar. Includes four containers: 40cc, 60cc, 100cc, & 150cc jars.


Made from safe & durable Eastman Tritan plastic it's portable, light weight, leak proof, stain & odor-resistant, jars remain clean, clear & fresh; BPA & phthalate-free; dishwasher safe.


Measured portion also work for Bariatric Surgery to reduce overeating: gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon, lapband. You can be confident that your food portion sizes are correct for your needs.


These 4 perfectly portioned compartments means you can easily prepare healthy, low-calorie, nutritious snack for school, work or on the go without the need to measure portions or count calories.