Portion Control Sampler Pack - Weight Loss

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Accelerate patient understanding and retention with Portion Perfection weight management visual tools. Perfect for Telehealth and face to face consultations!

This kit contains:

  • Portion Perfection Book
  • Portion Perfection eBook
  • Portion Perfection 10" Plate, Melamine
  • Portion Perfection Bowl, Melamine
  • Portion Perfection Kit-n-Karry including the Porti-Prepper Weight Loss Glass Lunchboxes, Portion Control Snacker, Measured Sauce/Dressing Container, Small Headed Portion Control Fork & Spoon, Serrated Spreader Knife, Cotton Napkin, Ice Brick (not pictured in main image)
  • 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan
  • Free Vegetables Cookbook
  • Australian Healthy Snack Bible
  • Portion Perfection Wine Glasses (not pictured in main image)
  • Portion Perfection A Little of What You Love Ramekins Set (not pictured in main image)
  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Audio File