Portion Perfection Ramekin

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A Little Of What You Love Ramekin

The Portion Perfection Ramekin is a little, heart shaped pot of joy. It is perfect for creating 100 calorie treats.

Whether you have any portion control goals in mind or you just love them because they are so cute, we hope you enjoy them.

You can also pair with our 'Little of What You Love ebook' coming soon

This collection is somewhat special in that the recipes create 100 Calorie servings for each ramekin including both savoury and sweet treats so you are covered throughout the day.

As an Accredited Practising Dietitian for over 30 years Amanda knows that the more food we serve the more we eat. The Portion Perfection system was created to help manage how much we serve and thereby reduce how much we eat, painlessly! These recipes ensure you have a few everyday and occasional options in the right portion size.

We hope that you enjoy "A Little of What You Love"