KicStart Tomato and Roast Capsicum Meal Replacement Soup

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KicStart VLCD Tomato and Roast Capsicum Soup Sachet 58g

A hearty tomato soup base with a smoky hint of roast capsicum. Delicious as is or use it as a sauce base with Free Food vegetables. It is is rich and filling and will replace one meal and is GLUTEN FREE.

We recommend KicStart where possible as it contains approximately 20g of protein per serve.

Very Low Calorie Diet

KicStart VLCD is a unique, high quality, nutritionally total meal replacement that has been developed, manufactured and packaged in Australia using the most up-to-date technology and ingredients currently available. It has all the essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes with an additional boost of protein (up to 30% more per sachet) for protecting lean muscle mass and prolonged satisfaction of hunger.

By substituting a KicStart soup for a normal meal, your hunger is satisfied and your nutritional requirements are met whilst you achieve a significant reduction in the total kilojoules (or calories) eaten.

Your body starts to use its stored fat for energy and you start to lose weight.

KicStart VLCD has been specifically formulated so that it is appropriate for use in a medically supervised Very Low Calorie Diet program replacing all meals each day for the dietary management of obesity. It is ideal for the bariatric presurgery regime along with the post surgery fluid regime.

Directions For Use

1. Add 1 sachet of KicStart to a bowl
2. Slowly whisk in 200ml of hot water to dissolve the powder


1. Mix KicStart and 200ml of cold water in a shaker
2. Transfer to a heatproof container and warm in microwave