Gut Microbiome Testing for Weight Loss with Great Ideas in Nutrition

Research is demonstrating a growing link between gut bacteria and health.

Your gut microbiome holds insights into your health and wellbeing.

Understand your unique microbiome, how it affects your health, and how you can achieve a better balance between desirable and less desirable microorganisms in your gut.

A simple fecal test kit + individualised report + dietary consultation $545.

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Could your gut be holding you back from enjoying optimal health?

If you experience bloating, excess flatulence, foggy thinking, mood disorders or food related reactions, it may be that the bacteria in your gut are trying to tell you something. They may even influence the way your body stores and burns fuel or what you crave, leading to easy weight gain despite modest eating.

Great Ideas in Nutrition has been treating gut and weight problems for over 25 years. We use the best available strategies and tools to find the right solution for your symptoms.

If your symptoms are holding you back from enjoying life the solution may lie in the food you choose and the bacteria that live comfortably in your system.

It’s not your fault if your gut balance is out of whack. Your gut reflects your environment and that starts from before birth. Whether you were born by caesarean or natural processes and the whether you were breast or bottle fed starts the colonisation of your gut. From there the exposure to antibiotics, including antibiotic washes, overly clean environments and the food you eat all contribute to the harmony or disharmony in our gut.

Put simply, some bacteria thrive on fibre and they produce wonderful outputs called short chain fatty acids which feed our own cells lining the gut. When those cells are well fed, the gut functions well and creates a strong barrier which only lets approved substances pass across into your blood stream. When the cells are not well fed, they shrink down and gaps form between them, allowing the passage of unauthorised substances into our bodies.

These substances can then be mistaken for normal hormones which then send faulty messages that weren’t meant to be. For example many chemicals are considered to be endocrine disrupting because they mimic estrogens. These foreign substances may also be recognised as foreigners and produce a reaction that results in symptoms such as rashes, headaches or inflammation.

Microbiome testing measures the balance of bacteria in your gut. Testing has the power to identify the types and balance of your personal microbes and creates an opportunity to understand how you feel and take individualised yet simple steps to change it.

We understand the implications of the results we find and the opportunities for change. We have the strategies to help you change your diet because as you probably know, change is hard.

Your results may suggest you need:

  • More of a particular food type such as onions
  • Less of certain substances such as sugar
  • Introduction of fermented foods such as yoghurt
  • Prescription of particular supplements such as specific probiotics matched to your needs, digestive enzymes or other supplements.
  • We will explain all the what and whys and guide you towards change.

    We know you have questions, so we offer a free 15 minute consultation to understand your needs and determine whether this testing is likely to be of benefit