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NEW FLAVOUR BN Multivitamin Chews

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BN Multivitamin chewable tablets are ideal for those who dislike or are unable to swallow entire pills or capsules. The BN Multi Chews are designed to be great tasting, vanilla and lime in flavour, easy to digest and absorb.

Formulated with expert knowledge of qualified Dietitians, this multivitamin offers a full spectrum supplementation of important nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals. BN Multivitamin Chewable Tablets use ingredients of the highest quality in their most bio-available forms to allow optimal absorption. This is what makes BN Multi vitamins different from regular multivitamins, and one of the best supplements Australia-wide.

BN Multi Chews provide a much higher dose of Vitamin B12 than a standard multivitamin, enabling “passive” absorption throughout the intestine. Whilst this supplement contains a total of 600mg of Calcium when taken twice daily, additional Calcium Citrate supplementation may be required. The amount required is dependent on the amount of Calcium taken in by diet. Ask your Dietitian to do an assessment. If you don’t have a skilled Dietitian, Great Ideas in Nutrition can provide this service.

Product Features

    • Chewable tablets for those who dislike swallowing whole pills or capsules
    • Comprehensive multivitamin source containing B vitamins and many trace minerals
    • B vitamins for healthy skin, nails, energy and nervous system well-being
    • High quality ingredients for optimal absorption
    • Trace minerals in bio-available forms
    • Contain no food colouring



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Directions For Use

Take 2 tablets per day. Follow directions on nutritional label or as advised by dietitians and other health professionals for best results. View the entire BN Multi range.

CONTAINS: gluten, sugars, soy/soybeans; phenylalanine, sucralose and sulfites