BN Iron Plus Vitamin C, 30 Tablets

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BN Iron Plus Vitamin C

BN Iron contains Iron (II) Bisglycinate for easy absorption.

Iron Bisglycinate is gentler on the digestive system, reducing constipation and nausea that is associated with other forms of iron. Iron Bisglycinate has been chosen for superior iron storage. Iron is essential in synthesising haemoglobin in red blood cells, transports oxygen around the body, supporting energy levels. It can decrease fatigue caused by inadequate iron intake.

The highest quality and most biologically available nutrient forms are used to maximise absorption and storage.

BN Iron are
- Gluten-Free
- Sugar-Free
- No artificial colours

Poor absorption of iron may be caused by bypassing the first two segments of your small intestine where much of the iron is absorbed, such as may occur after a gastrointestinal cancer, or gastric bypass for weight loss surgery.

Additional Supplementation

The BN Multivitamins have 18 – 24mg of iron depending on whether you are using the chewable or the capsule respectively. The latest nutritional guidelines for bariatric surgery recommend the addition of a further 24mg of elemental iron for premenopausal women.

If you need assistance to determine your dietary adequacy, you can book an appointment here.

Each Tablet Contains

Each tablet contains:
Iron (II) Glycinate (87.66mg)
Equivalent to Iron (24mg)
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) (25mg)

Directions For Use

Take 1 tablet per day with meals. Follow directions on nutritional label or as advised by dietitians and other health professionals for best results. View the entire BN Multi range.