The Truth and 3 Lies about Weight Management after Bariatric Surgery


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"The Truth and 3 Lies about Weight Management after Bariatric Surgery."

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Here’s What You’ll Learn


The TRUTH and 3 Lies – Part 1 


  • Examination of the post-bariatric surgery experience, focusing on the anticipated changes.
  • Exploration of the factors influencing weight regain and the necessity of a multidisciplinary team in addressing this concern.
  • Comprehensive insight into the alterations in the "hunger hormone" Ghrelin during the initial post-surgery year, with guidance on leveraging these changes for personal benefit.
  • Discussion of the pivotal habits to establish in the first year post-surgery for sustained, long-term success.
  • Presentation of a case study illustrating a scenario where correct practices were employed, yet weight loss was not achieved, and the strategies implemented to overcome this challenge.



The TRUTH and 3 Lies – Part 2 


  • Analysis of the influencers affecting eating habits.
  • Explanation of the post-surgery functionality of the stomach in various procedures, aiding viewers in determining the most suitable option in consultation with their surgeon.
  • In-depth exploration of the impact of surgery on the "hunger hormone" Ghrelin and the duration of its reduction.
  • Discussion on the functioning of stomach nerves and the consequences of overeating on these nerves.
  • Unveiling the reality behind pouch reset diets.
  • Presentation of a case study involving weight regain and the strategies employed to regain control.


The TRUTH and 3 Lies – Part 3 


  • Examination of essential questions to pose to your surgeon for optimal selection of the right individual to perform your procedure.
  • Exploration of ideal sources for identifying a suitable surgeon.
  • In-depth analysis of factors likely contributing to weight regain in the post-surgery years.