Safe Weight Loss Program for men, women and children based on 25+ years clinical experience

Join 100,000+ others using Portion Perfection products, which are used and recommended by Dietitians across the nation.

  • 45mins consultation (15% Saving)
  • Portion Perfection pictorial book
  • 4 Week Weight Loss Menu plan
  • The Healthy Snack Bible
  • The Portion Perfection Plate
  • The Portion Perfection Bowl


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  • Our portion control diet plate and bowl make maintaining a healthy diet easy and manageable. The calorie controlled portion sizes for effective weight management are clearly indicated for your convenience.

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*Great Ideas in Nutrition is an innovative diet and exercise consultancy of Dietitian's and Exercise Physiologists located in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Giving qualified advice on nutrition, portion control, weight management and more. Feel free to call 07 5536 6400 if you have any questions. Need more info? Watch our video to gain a better understanding of the system.