Veggie Saver Produce Bag

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Veggie Saver Produce Bag

Veggie Saver is a completely natural product made from unbleached, unseeded cotton, so you can trust that it is non-toxic, non-allergenic, completely food safe and 100% plastic free! With its patented multi-layer technology and design, Veggie Saver can save the average Australian household up to $2,000 a year in food waste, and pays for itself in the first two weeks of use!

How to use Veggie Saver

  • •Before use: Cold machine wash to activate the multiple cotton layers and dry naturally, ideally in sunlight
  • •To use: Run your Veggie Saver briefly under the tap, then wring out excess water
  • •Fill your Veggie Saver with fresh produce and store in the crisper section of you fridge
  • •Sprinkle with water to maintain dampness, as needed
  • •Wash every 2-3 weeks or as needed

Veggie Saver Dimensions

Opened up and including the flap height – Width: 39cm x Height: 40cm 

Not including the flap – Width 39cm x Height 30cm

Please note that Veggie Saver may shrink (even with correct handling) after the first wash, as it is made from a natural fabric