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Symply Too Good To Be True Cooking for 1 or 2 People

Annette Sym
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Healthy Easy to Make Recipes For Singles or Couples

Cooking for 1 or 2 people contains 96 pages and over 150 deliciously healthy easy-to-make recipes for singles or couples. Includes recipes adapted from cookbooks 1-7, PLUS 21 new recipes (3 new recipes for each of the 7 sections).

There’s some exciting extra features inside this cookbook:

  • •Annette’s tips for cooking for singles and couples
  • •A list of the commonly used ingredients and what recipes they are in, this way you can use leftovers by making other recipes that have the same ingredients
  • •15 tips for a healthier you

“I had so much fun going through all my seven cookbooks picking out recipes I knew were popular. You’ll find family favourites such as Zucchini Slice, Rippa Rissoles, Shepherd’s Pie, Asian Salad and Raspberry Cheesecake – yes that’s right, a cheesecake that serves two! You’ll find so many of my tried and trusted recipes but without the family-sized quantities.

“But I couldn’t create a cookbook and not write new recipes. So, there are 21 fabulous new recipes for you to try. I’ve added my healthy low fat spin on some old-time favourites and new modern recipes. Enjoy!”

Happy cooking