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a) Portion Perfection Food Model Plan 1600 Calories

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Portion Perfection Food Model Plan - 1600 Calories
A food model display of a 1600 calorie (6720kj) meal plan constructed according to the guide in the book Portion Perfection.
This intake is suitable for a woman aiming to maintain weight or a man aiming to lose weight.
This set includes:
English Muffin x 2
Baked Beans 1/3 cup x 1
Orange Juice x 1
Coffee 1 cup black x 1
Tomato Slice x 1
Cheese Slice x 1
Sliced Deli Turkey x 1
Mayonnaise 1 TBSP x 1
Tossed Salad in Bowl x 1
Kiwi, Whole Peeled x 1
Pita Bread Pocket Opening x 2
Raisins, 15g x 1
Roast Beef Slice Cooked x 1
Spaghetti 1 Cup x 1
Broccoli 1/2 Cup x 1
Carrot Sticks Raw x 1
Spinach x 1
Cauliflower Cooked 1/2 cup x 1
Gravy, 1 TBSP x 1
1 Scoop Choc Icecream x 1
Cookie Mini Pack
8 Animal Crackers x 1
Chicken Nuggets x 1
French Fries Baked x 1
Portion Perfection Book
Portion Perfection Plate (Melamine) x 3
Portion Perfection Bowl x 1
Possible delay of up to 6 weeks