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a) Portion Perfection Food Model Plan - 1300 Calories

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Portion Perfection Food Model Plan - 1300 Calories.
A food model display of a 1300 calorie (5460kj) meal plan constructed according to the guide in the book Portion Perfection. This intake is suitable for a woman aiming to lose weight.
This set includes: Cornflakes x 1
Fat Free Milk x 1
Banana Half x 1
Granola Bar x 1
Bread Whole Grain Slice x 2
Cheese Slice x 1
Margarine, TBSP x 1
Lettuce Medium Leaf x 2
Tomato Slice x 2
Red Pepper Rings x 1
Onion Slice x 1
Apple (Golden Delicious) x 1
Salmon Poached x 1
Tossed Salad x 2
French Dressing 1 TBSP x 1
Sweet Potato x 1
Corn Kernals x 1
Peanuts x 1
Jelly 120g x 1
White Bread Slice x 1
Bacon Fried x 1
Egg Fried Sunny Side Up x 2
Portion Perfection Book
Portion Perfection Plate (Melamine) x 2
Portion Perfection Bowl x 1
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