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Portion Perfection EBOOK Download 2020

Amanda Clark
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Product Description

Our Portion Perfection E-Book is available to purchase in a downloadable pdf version now!

(Non printable - email password protected)

We recommend you save this file to cloud based file hosting service such as dropbox and access through their application if you wish to view this product on your ipad or mobile device.

Portion Perfection is a pictorial guide showing you how much food is right to eat for any meal or snack. The e-book contains guides for men, women and children.

To Get Started

1. Identify which calorie intake is right for you.
2. Choose the appropriate mealtime eg. Breakfast
3. Select a menu option eg. Cereal
4. Note the appropriate portion serve for your recommended calorie intake and prepare your meal accordingly.

Additional Support

Amanda Clark is an award winning dietitian and creator of Portion Perfection.

You can gain additional support from Amanda and her team via www.facebook.com/portionperfection.

Recommended by dietitians, doctors, diabetes educators and practice nurses internationally.