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Bari-Prepper & Snacker Set

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Product Description

Get yourself ready for the working week with these perfectly sized meal prep & snack containers. Package contains 3 Bari-Preppers & 1 Snacker.

Bari-Prepper Features

Bariatric meals on the go just got easier with the latest product in the Portion Perfection range. We call it the Bari-Prepper, it has discreet markings on the base so you know how to portion out your meals and the instruction leaflet guides you to the foods to fill your containers with, as well as giving you some meal ideas. The volume holds 1 cup divided internally into 2 x 1/2 cup serves.

The Bari-Prepper is made from high borosilicate glass, is safe from freezer to oven, can be used in the microwave (lid removed*) and put in the dishwasher.

Snacker Features

The Portion Control Snacker with 100 calorie guide printed directly onto each container: These stackable interlocking containers come with our handy guide to Healthy 100 Calorie Snacks that fit perfectly into each sized jar. Includes four containers: 40cc, 60cc, 100cc, & 150cc jars.

Made from safe & durable Eastman Tritan plastic it's portable, light weight, leak proof, stain & odor-resistant so the the jars remain clean, clear & fresh; BPA & phthalate-free; dishwasher safe.

Measured portions also work for those who have had bariatric surgery to reduce overeating: gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon and lapband. You can be confident that your food portion sizes are correct for your needs.

These 4 perfectly portioned compartments means you can easily prepare healthy, low-calorie, nutritious snack for school, work or on the go without the need to measure portions or count calories.

Product Care Tip

* We recommend hand washing your Prepper lid to maintain the integrity of the silicon leakproof seal.