Portion Perfection is a set of practical tools devised by Amanda Clark, an award winning Australian dietitian from Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. 

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“ I could see that my ideas and advice were working for my clients but needed to find a way to get this valuable yet simple message to all Australians. I did it in pictures and ensured that the reader had the actual plate and bowl used in the pictures so they couldn’t go wrong.” Said Amanda. 

Amanda also chose to include both natural and packaged foods so you see the foods you’re familiar with and both everyday and occasional foods are included. “The everyday foods are the healthier ones and the occasional ones not as healthy, but we all eat them sometimes and the key is knowing how much to have so you don’t gain weight as a result of it.” She said. 

Over 100,000 Portion Perfection Products have been sold and they are used and recommended by dietitians around the nation. 

Mums can show their children how much is right for them, and allow them to choose lunchbox snacks from the Australian Healthy Snack Bible. 

Families and individuals can feel confident they’re serving everyone according to their needs. It couldn’t be simpler. 

“You can serve the healthiest of foods but if you don’t know how much to put on the plate you’ll still gain weight. I feel confident I can get it right now”. Amy, Tewantin via email.

 Buy your Portion Perfection kit in Melamine or Porcelain and feel confident to eat everything on your plate.


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