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Weight Loss Surgery Protein Planner

Carmel Cantone, Justine Hawke & Sally Johnston
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Do You Know How Much Protein You Actually Need?

Protein is one of the hottest topics after weight loss surgery.

Are you wondering what a day of food looks like to get in 60g of protein? What about 80g or even 100g of protein?

And whilst we all know meat contains protein, do you really know where else to find protein in foods?

Take The Guesswork Out

This Protein Planner will assist you to:

  • •Calculate your individual protein requirement
  • •Learn how to meet your requirement through protein rich eating
  • •Plan protein packed menus
  • •Understand the protein content of common foods and supplements
  • •Choose and use protein supplements if and when you need them
  • •Road test some protein packed recipes.