Gastric Band Diets

Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery is an effective treatment procedure in the field of bariatrics; a weight management option that has proven to be successful for many people. The procedure involves a gastric band being secured around the upper stomach which helps to restrict the person’s food intake. It sends signals to the brain that the stomach doesn't require as much food and reduces the sense of hunger with a smaller meal.

Managing your nutritional intake following lap-band surgery

Following a laparoscopic procedure, a patient is likely to be put on a gastric band diet plan, a nutritional strategy that is best conducive to a successful result following the surgery. Great Ideas in Nutrition provides balanced and nutritious post gastric band diets that are easy to eat immediately following the surgical procedure and offers the nutritional value to make the gastric band procedure worthwhile.

If you’re considering losing weight via a laparoscopic surgical procedure and want guidance with your gastric banding diet plan, get in contact with Great Ideas in Nutrition today.

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