Nutrition and Fertility

At Great Ideas in Nutrition, we specialise in nutritional interventions to improve the outcomes of pregnancy. We offer specialised assessments for those aiming to fall pregnant or those who are pregnant.

If falling pregnant doesn’t seem to be coming naturally, the answer could be in the fridge.

Researchers at Harvard University School of Public Health in the US have clarified some significant dietary factors that could resolve ovulatory problems.

Infertility affects around 1 in 6 couples around the world and usually means they’ve been actively trying to fall pregnant for a period of 12 months without success.

About 25% of couple’s fertility problems can be attributed to disorders of ovulation and 45% are associated with healthy sperm production. There are things that can be done to improve both these problems by diet.

The Harvard Researchers identified the following factors as improving fertility which will be assessed during a consultation with our dietitians / exercise physiologists to identify meaningful changes that apply to you.

  1. Reducing intake of trans fats.
  2. Reducing sugar and glycemic index  of the overall diet.
  3. Increasing plant proteins and reducing meat intake.
  4. Increased fibre and iron intake.
  5. Selected nutritional supplements. We recommend Mygen fertility supplements for men and women as the most comprehensive solution available in Australia. Healthy body weight
  6. Moderate exercise
  7. Consumption of high fat vs low fat dairy products.

Researchers Walter Willett and Jorge Chavarro discuss their findings: 






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