Conscious eating is about feeling more satisfied with less!

It actually comes from mindfulness psychology and is all about being in the moment. 

Focussing on what you're doing, thinking about what you're eating when you're eating it and all the details around it. Involving all your senses

Noticing all the attributes of the food so that you feel satisfied from your head rather than waiting for your stomach to say "Please, No More!"

That's the first secret and how simple, painless and actually enjoyable could it be?!

1.Notice the presentation

2.Register the variety

3.Breathe in the aromas

4.Notice the textures

5.Experience the temperature

6.Savour the flavours



My grandmother used to say to chew your food 20 times. That was such a boring thing to do - and your attention was on keeping count - not on the beautiful food in your mouth, yet it worked, but for the wrong reasons.

Part of satisfaction comes from the length of time that food is in contact with your tongue. Focussing on what you're eating makes you slow down, maintain and extend that contact. 


I've put the words around the edge of the Portion Perfection Plate as a reminder to eat mindfully.


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