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Chief - Lamb & Rosemary Protein Bar

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Just like slow cooking is better than zapping in a microwave, Chief air dry their meat at a low temperature over a few days. It means Chief Meat is naturally more tender and healthier than jerky. Everyone says they taste like a delicious roast, probably because they do! Australian made with 100% grass-fed Aussie meat. No preservatives or sugary marinades.


Nature's original protein.

THE HEALTHIEST WAY TO CONSUME RED MEAT These bars are slow dried which retains over 90% of heat sensitive vitamins such as B12. Around 80g of high quality grass fed meat is dried to produce a 40g bar which makes Chief Bar the perfect daily serve of red meat (WHO guidelines).

A BETTER, NATURAL SOURCE OF PROTEIN Unlike traditional protein bars, Chief bars are minimally processed. They contain all essential amino acids and are much easier for your body to digest, which results in superior protein utilisation.

NO PRESERVATIVES OR CHEMICALS Chief naturally preserve their bars just as our ancestors did with no added nitrates or nitrites. They'll last at least 5 months on the shelf without refrigeration.