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BN Multivitamin Caps

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The BN Multi Capsules are specifically designed for a smooth transition should you prefer a capsule following your first few months post sleeve, gastic bypass or lapband surgery on a chewable multivitamin. This formula was developed with the highest quality, most bioavailable nutrient forms, easy to digest and absorb while including a comprehensive B-Complex and trace minerals.

Formulated with expert bariatric knowledge of qualified Dietitians, this multivitamin offers a full spectrum supplementation of important nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals. BN Multivitamin Caps use ingredients of the highest quality in their most bio-available forms to allow optimal absorption. This is what makes BN Multi Bariatric vitamins different from regular multivitamins, and one of the best bariatric supplements Australia-wide.

BN Mulitvitamins adhere to the internationally recognised guidelines created and published by the American Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. These are well suited for all surgeries, including:

Gastric Band

Being a restrictive operation, with no malabsorptive component, results in reduced food intake and therefore lower nutrient intake. These vitamins fill the gap for nutritional balance.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Whilst many think of this as only a restrictive operation, it actually results in poorer absorption of nutrients due to lower levels of gastric acid. Gastric acid is required for the solubilisation of multiple vitamins and minerals to enhance absorption, without this, often a different form of vitamin is used to overcome this problem. This surgery also results in the removal of the portion of the stomach which produces intrinsic factor which is vital for “active” absorption of Vitamin B12. BN Multi Caps overcome this problem by providing a much higher dose of Vitamin B12 than a standard multivitamin, enabling “passive” absorption throughout the intestine.

Gastric Bypass

Is a term that covers varying amounts of the intestine being bypassed, and the length of small intestine that is bypassed determines how significant the malabsoption experienced will be. Due to this variation, patients may require additional supplements of Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Calcium or may require Vitamin B12 injections. We recommend nutritional blood tests every 6 - 12 months along with individualised assessment and prescription by a qualified Bariatric Dietitian. If you don’t have a skilled Bariatric Dietitian, Great Ideas in Nutrition can provide this service.

Product Features

    • Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) recommended product
    • Comprehensive multivitamin source containing B vitamins and many trace minerals
    • B vitamins for healthy skin, nails, energy and nervous system well-being
    • High quality ingredients for optimal absorption
    • Trace minerals in bio-available forms
    • Flavourless, contain no food colouring or sweeteners, and are GLUTEN-FREE!
    • Easy to take capsule.  Capsule dimensions: 2.3cm x 0.9cm


BN Multivitamin Capsules Formulation


Directions For Use

Take 2 tablets per day. BN Multi Capsules do not contain significant calcium, which is beneficial because calcium interferes with the absorption of iron and is best taken seperately. We recommend taking additional calcium citrate supplements, see our BN Cal chewable tablets. Follow directions on nutritional label or as advised by dietitians and other health professionals for best results. View the entire BN Multi range.

CONTAINS: soy/soybeans and phenylalanine