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#7 Managing Emotions

GUEST: Glenn Mackintosh, Resident Psychologist for Australia’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed

When I say ‘zombie eating’ what immediately comes to mind? Mindless eating, emotional eating maybe? Let’s put the brakes on before this zombie eating happens and stop ourselves from needing to eat for emotional reasons.

To help us put the brakes on, resident psychologist on Australia’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Glenn Mackintosh is back for a follow up interview to our podcast on emotional eating… but with a focus on managing your moods. Download Glenn’s free More Marvellous Methods to Manage your Moods here. Managing your moods today - join our course now.

#6 Metabolism Sluggish after Bariatric Surgery?

GUEST: Joanne Ballantyne

Joanne had gastric bypass surgery. Four weeks later she stopped losing weight. Has this happened to you? Why is it happening? Joanne Ballantyne joins me via Skype from the Gold Coast of Australia. Joanne’s a businesswoman who runs online training courses in the food industry. At 62, Joanne says she’s lived her life on one diet or another with very little success. Now into her third surgery, Joanne very openly shares her story.

#5 Self Acceptance thru Tapping

GUEST: Helen Mouton

Have you tried tapping…aka…Emotional Freedom Technique also called EFT? In a previous episode we spoke with Dr. Peta Stapleton, the clinical psychologist from Bond University in Australia. She helped us understand how tapping, which she referred to as psychological acupuncture or acupuncture without the needles can help with food cravings. Now it’s your turn to give it a try. Helen Mouton from Cape Town, South Africa had gastric bypass surgery in 2007 and has been regularly using tapping as part of her ongoing success since 2015. She will talk us through the actual tapping process that she follows.

#4 Tapping Away Food Cravings

GUEST: Peta Stapleton

Have you heard of a psychology technique called tapping that’s beneficial for food cravings and weight loss including bariatrics? Tapping has also been called psychological acupuncture or acupuncture without the needles. Joining me via SKYPE from Australia is Dr Peta Stapleton, a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist and Program Director of the Masters of Clinical Psychology program at Bond University.

#3 Priceless Perspective: Bariatric Nurse-Patient Measures Her Milestones

GUEST: Brenda Hoehn

What are some of the biggest factors contributing to successful bariatric surgery? How do you measure milestones? What continues to motivate you and help you succeed on a daily basis? Brenda Hoehn who has her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in nursing is a member of The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. She’s the nurse coordinator for the Bariatric Surgical Weight Loss Program at Saint Francis Medical Center in Missouri, a part-time Life Coach and a bariatric surgery patient herself. She talks about why she decided to have surgery, how she stays motivated on a daily basis and her biggest milestones.


GUEST: Glenn Mackintosh

Do you eat in response to uncomfortable feelings? Do sadness, loneliness, anger, boredom and stress sabotage your good eating intentions? Emotional eating predicts less weight loss post bariatric surgery and a greater risk of weight regain BUT you can work through this by working on your psychological wellbeing. Find out how with Glenn Mackintosh, Psychologist for The Biggest Loser Transformed in Australia. Download Glenn’s free More Marvellous Methods to Manage your Moods here. Stop emotional eating - join our course now.


GUEST: Amanda Clark, Bariatric Dietitian

How you eat, when and what you eat are critical to your success. There’s at least 3 things about eating after bariatric surgery someone should have told you. Bariatric Dietitian Amanda Clark helps you understand and apply some simple tools and strategies that will help you along the way.

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Emotional eating is a widespread problem. In this course you will learn techniques for calming the emotions that lead to emotional eating. Listen to podcasts #2 and #7 to see if this is something you would like to delve deeper into. Receive professional instruction and support for 6 weeks for less than $20 per week. What do you have to lose?