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Are you Food Sensitive?

Author: Joan Breakey

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Especially written for people who suspect they react to some foods and health professionals.

“Are You Food Sensitive?” will teach you how to become your own Diet Detective. You’ll quickly discover what the problem foods and food chemicals are that you’re reacting to so you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your symptoms.

Food Sensitivity or Food intolerance is any adverse reaction your body has to foods or chemicals in foods. It is a real problem for many people. Reactions can include; Eczema, Headaches & Migraine, ASD, ADHD, Irritability, Tummy aches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you or one of your Family Members have these conditions it is seriously worth investigating Food Sensitivity or Food Intolerance as a potential contributor. Are You Food Sensitive? gives you a straight forward approach to doing this. It provides a proven method for being your own Diet Detective, giving you a simple, no fuss process for investigating which foods may be causing your health problems, saving you time and minimising impact on your lifestyle.